Here are some publications, with links to online versions included where possible. Also, I’m currently hard at work on a novel manuscript (deep breath!). Here are some posts about the process. If you take the time to read any of the below, many thanks!


  • SEI-Crime-Cover-smallThe Geography of Loss’ in Seizure: Crime issue 5, May 2013, pp. 36-40. An elderly woman knows she is growing forgetful, but where is James, her cartographer husband? And what is the home-care worker hiding?
  • cynthia-steffe-home-rocking-chair-croppedThe Waiting’ at Verity La 6 April 2012: A vignette on guilt and longing, and on purposeful waiting as a kind of lived repentance. It was written in 2005 but I came across it again recently and so sent it off.


  • lightdance-bannerLight Dance‘ in Seizure Fictions, 7 August 2014. An experimental memoir that’s a riff on W. G. Sebald’s phrase, ‘On every new thing lies the shadow of annihilation’, and touches on dancing plagues, white dwarfs and death by butterflies.
  • KYD18-3D-HighResolution-741x1024An Uneasy Alliance’ in Kill Your Darlings issue 18, July 2o14: What ancient myths and murals of grinding stones and shields, tool-toting chimpanzees and a science fiction motif are all trying to tell us. (!) I’ve really got my geek on in this one.
  • Griffith Review coverRed Dog’ in Griffith Review Online: What is Australia for? issue 36, May 2012: Part appraisal of the movie, part personal essay, this looks at Red Dog’s portrayal of Australian identity. It’s also about the comfort of family stories and about the rupture when children realise their parents are fallible human beings. The process of writing this piece spurred a 2011 post.
  • Issue-6-Cover-e1308272092191-190x284Untying the Tongue: The Elusive Art of Interpreting’ in Kill Your Darlings issue 6, July 2011, pp. 71-79. Also broadcast on Radio National’s First Person, 18 November 2011; you can listen to it: A personal essay that considers cross-cultural communication and the identity of the interpreter, as well as taking a look at one historic interpreter, La Malinche. I had fun bringing together anecdotes and sharing some studies I’d come across.
  • garciaGarcía’s Peru’ in Inside Story, 21 July 2o1o: A piece of sociopolitical commentary that I felt compelled to write after governmental actions went from concerning to worse. These actions seemed to be following a pattern and reminded me of an observation made by Peruvian historian Cecilia Méndez G., which I hadn’t understood at the time of reading but which had resonated, somehow. Now, it made perfect, frightening sense.
  • heat20-cover_final-224x300‘Peru’s Heartbeat’ in HEAT 20: Plain Vanilla Futures, Spring 2009, pp.193-202: A personal essay anchored by the Afro-Peruvian wooden drum known as the cajón, which gave me the chance to write about my love of dancing festejo, and about the wonderful people who took me in in Chincha, Peru.
  • h2-cover2The Melancholia of Happy Endings’ in harvest issue 2, Spring/Summer 2008, pp. 13-17: A memoir piece on the loss of self that is an inevitable part of relocating to another country, culture and language, and on the guilt and responsibilities that come with being the reason for that relocation.

Very occasionally I write criticism, some of which can be found by following the links below.



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